Make-A-Wish Ambassadors

2019 Ambassadors

Sam Caswell (New Hampshire)

Sam will celebrate his 23rd birthday the first week of July, which is amazing considering the diagnosis and prognosis he was given at eight months old. Sam suffers from a rare genetic disease called MPS1/Hurler Syndrome, in which the enzyme that breaks down long sugar molecules is missing. Without it they store in every organ and bone of the body causing early death between the age of two and five with no treatment. Luckily a TREATMENT (NOT A CURE) had recently been discovered, and that was a bone marrow transplant. New bone marrow would get the enzyme in to the organs but not the bones, prolonging life, and Sam’s brave six year old sister was a perfect match and donated shortly after Sam’s first birthday and the rest is history! Still considered a life threatening disease, Sam was granted a Make A Wish to Disney nineteen years ago. His life is not easy, having had MANY surgeries and living with chronic pain every day, but he embraces it with joy, determination and courage. He is attending SNHU as a Communication major and wants to be a motivational speaker and a movie reviewer. He loves going to movies and watching movie reviewers on YouTube, shooting baskets, reading and frequenting Newbury Comics. The Make a Wish Hockey Classic is his favorite event of the year where he gets to eat at Al’s French Fries, see good friends, and hopefully make new ones.


Noah Cohen (Vermont)

Noah is 12 years old and lives in St. George, Vermont. He was born with a rare disease called VACTERL association which impacts multiple body systems and has required 27 surgeries and many hospitalizations throughout his short lifetime. It’s not surprising that Noah loves all things rescue. His physician say he asks multiple questions about the equipment and medical care at every appointment. Several years ago, Noah fell in love with the television show Emergency! from the 1970s which takes place in Los Angeles. As a result, Noah chose to visit the LAPD and the LAFD when received his Wish in April of 2015. He had the time of his life riding in fire trucks, participating in mock rescues, SWAT team training, riding in a fire boat in the LA Harbor, taking a LAPD helicopter ride over the city, among countless other adventures.  Four years later his love of rescue continues. He wants to be an EMT/ paramedic when he grows up and loves to show off his vast emergency medical knowledge to all who will listen.  He is excited to be here and cheer on this year’s players!