Meet the Alumni

The game itself was the last of their high school careers, but for many, the event was their introduction to Make-A-Wish. Through their overwhelming support in the form of giving their time, sharing their talents, and their dedication to the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s mission: wishes are granted, smiles are smiled, and tears of joy are shed – because of these athletes, wishes came true for children in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

A special thanks to all of the alumni from years past for helping to make all those wishes a reality.

2019 Ally Peeters G Burlington/Colchester Colchester
2019 Maddy Young F Essex High School Westford
2019 McKenna Remillard F Bellows Free Academy Fairfield
2019 Peyton Dukas F Bellows Free Academy Fairfield
2019 Tatum Shappy F Rice Memorial High Milton
2019 Elizabeth Dukas D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Lilianna Ziedins D Harwood Union Waterbury Ctr.
2019 Presley Boyce D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Olivia Miller-Johnson F Essex High School Essex Jct.
2019 Linsey Larrow F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Julia Ellis F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Elizabeth Hill F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Skylar Robert F North Country Union Newport
2019 Kate Hall F South Burlington High South Burlington
2019 Renee Bouchard D Missisquoi Valley Union Swanton
2019 Aleta Mathers F Middlebury Union Middlebury
2019 Francesca Martin D Essex High School Essex Jct.
2019 Molly Bruyns D Essex High School Essex Jct.
2019 Amy Howard G Rutland High School Castleton
2019 Hilda Barrioz G St. Thomas Aquinas Farmington
2019 Clara Boland F/D Hanover High School Lyme
2019 Emma Tysinger D Hanover High School Norwich VT
2019 Katie Kopecky D Exeter High School Brentwood
2019 Victoria Leitz F Oyster River High Durham
2019 Dakota Markey F Exeter High School Brentwood
2019 Lauren Trippiedi F Bishop Brady/Trinity/West Candia
2019 Emma Wallat F Bishop Guertin Bedford
2019 Catherine Torr D St. Thomas Aquinas Lee
2019 Emily Forward D Concord High School Concord
2019 Allison Marshall F Oyster River/Portsmouth Strafford
2019 Gabby Willett D Pinkerton Academy Auburn
2019 Tory Liebel D Oyster River/Portsmouth Greenland
2019 Bryn Kable D Hanover High School Norwich VT
2019 Shannon Paquette F Souhegan High School Amherst
2019 Carissa Towlson F Exeter High School Kensington
2019 Maggie Lee F Hanover High School Hanover
2019 Izzy Day G Exeter High School Brentwood
2019 Sam Foster G Essex High School Essex Jct.
2019 Grady Cram F Essex High School Essex
2019 Tyler Millette D Essex High School Essex Jct.
2019 Max Carr F Stowe High School Morrisville
2019 Jonah Janaro F Essex High School Essex
2019 Elliott  Maher F Burlington High School Burlington
2019 Cooper Cioffi D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Noah Vincelette F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Charlie Averill F Champlain Valley Union Shelburne
2019 Nickolas Lyman D Champlain Valley Union So. Burlington
2019 Jace Boerger F Stowe High School Waterbury Ctr.
2019 Patrick Burke F Mt. Mansfield Union Jericho
2019 Braylen Parent F Missisquoi Valley Union St. Albans
2019 Colby Brouillette F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Mark Howrigan D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2019 Dylan LeClair F South Burlington High So. Burlington
2019 Lucas Piconi D Woodstock Union Woodstock
2019 Kolby Farnsworth F Middlebury Union Middlebury
2019 Mason Yandow D Bellows Free Academy Swanton
2019 Logan Cody G Champlain Valley Union Williston
2019 Matthew Strickland G Bishop Brady Newbury
2019 Chris Wilson F Salem High School Salem
2019 Parker Joyce D Bedford High School Bedford
2019 Parker Roberto F Bedford High School Bedford
2019 Griffin Cook F Goffstown High School Goffstown
2019 Ryan Ellis F Spaulding High School Rochester
2019 Evan Makris D Concord High School Concord
2019 Mark McGaughey F Bishop Guertin Chelmsford MA
2019 Jameson Goodridge F Dover High School Dover
2019 Tanner McDougal D Spaulding High School Rochester
2019 Brendon Banks F Pinkerton Academy Derry
2019 Hans Williams F Hanover High School Norwich VT
2019 Fred Holmes D Portsmouth-Newmarket Newmarket
2019 Jake Sanclemente F Bedford High School Bedford
2019 Paddy Vetter F St. Thomas Aquinas Hampton
2019 Michael Kenison F Bishop Brady Concord
2019 Aiden McDonough D Dover High School Dover
2019 Jack Sylvain F Bedford High School Bedford
2019 Colin Burke D Goffstown High School Goffstown
2019 Dakota Robinson G Pinkerton Academy Hampstead

2018  Amy Howard G Rutland High Castleton
2018  Hannah Palmer F Essex High Essex Jct.
2018  Grace Miller D Rice Memorial High Burlington
2018  Molly Marshall D Bellows Free Academy East Fairfield
2018  Emma Mazzariello F Rutland High Rutland
2018  Lydia Maitland F CVU/MMU Shelburne
2018  Satchel McLaughlin D Middlebury Union Middlebury
2018  Kaitlyn Butkus F Essex High Essex Jct.
2018  Abby Gleason D Middlebury Union Salisbury
2018  Brianna Doty F/D Northfield High Lyndonville
2018  Jacqueline Ryan F CVU/MMU Williston
2018  Sadie Kuhn F No. Amer. Hockey Acad. Woodstock
2018  Michaela Forgione D Rice Prep So. Burlington
2018  Axis Balsley-Petraska F Brattleboro Union Guilford
2018  Andi Boe F Middlebury Union Middlebury
2018  Helen Anderson F Middlebury Union East Middlebury
2018  Tatum Vachereau D Burl./Colchester High Burlington
2018  Meghan Hamilton F Rutland High Rutland
2018  Hannah Barrett F Essex High Milton
2018  Arielle DeSmet G No. Amer. Hockey Acad. Charlotte
2018  Makayla Lachance G Souhegan High School Mont Vernon
2018  Julia Ravenelle D Oyster River High School Barrington
2018  Madelyn Farrelly D Concord High School Concord
2018  Colleen Donoghue F Kimball Union Academy Meriden
2018  Sydney Fascetta F Concord Capitals U-19 Dover
2018  Hannah Curtis F Hanover High School Hanover
2018  Cate Wagner F Hanover High School Hanover
2018  Elizabeth Holubiak D Phillips Andover Hooksett
2018  Ashley Keaveney D Exeter High School Exeter
2018  Lanie Hyde F Exeter High School Kensington
2018  Sydney Herrington F Bishop Brady/Trinity/West Bow
2018  Mary Anne Wiley F Bishop Brady/Trinity/West Bow
2018  Brianna Rybinski D Oyster River High School Barrington
2018  Julia Tibbits F Lebanon High School Lebanon
2018  Briland Laycock F Hanover High School Hanover
2018  Nikki Cayon G Kingswood High School Mirror Lake
2018  Kristian Viljanen G Stowe High School Morrisville
2018  Maverick King F Essex High School Essex Jct.
2018  Jacob Hall F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2018  Patrick Brock D Spaulding High School Barre
2018  Matteo Perantoni D Spaulding High School South Barre
2018  Keegan Streeter D Bellows Free Academy East Fairfield
2018  Ryan Young F Essex High School Essex Jct.
2018  Colin Dickinson F Spaulding High School Barre
2018  Patrick Shannon F Milton High School Milton
2018  Steven Townley F Woodstock Union Woodstock
2018  Noah Perry F/D Milton High School Milton
2018  Collin Manahan F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2018  Cullen McCarthy F Woodstock Union Woodstock
2018  Cameron Goodrich D Milton High School Milton
2018  Nathan Theriault D Essex High School Essex
2018  Jackson Clayton F Spaulding High School Northfield
2018  Sam Couture F Essex High School Essex
2018  Sebastian James D Stowe High School Stowe
2018  Phoenix LaMonda G Mt. Mansfield Union Jericho
2018  Harris LaRock G Hanover High School Norwich VT
2018  Liam O’Brien D Concord High School Concord
2018  Owen Haas D Keene High School Keene
2018  Colin Kastle F Concord High School Concord
2018  David Lehmann F Hanover High School Hanover
2018  Braxton McNulty D Hanover High School Hanover
2018  Eric Flynn F Bedford High School Bedford
2018  Ashton Langis D Spaulding High School Rochester
2018  Benjamin Peterson F Bishop Guertin Hudson
2018  Nolan Cunningham F Windham High School Windham
2018  Garrett Swan F Dover High School Dover
2018  Nick Trask F Pinkerton Academy Hooksett
2018  Patrick Hare F Pinkerton Academy Derry
2018  Jared Zeichick D Bishop Guertin Nashua
2018  Jack Johansen D Bishop Guertin Milford
2018  JoJo Grella F St. Thomas Aquinas Hampton
2018  Noah Charron F Goffstown High School Goffstown
2018  Ben Baldasaro F Exeter High School Stratham
2018  Phil Tsoukalas F Windham High School Windham
2018  Max Daly G Windham High School Windham

2017  Paddy Capsalis G Salem High School Salem
2017  Chase Vaillancourt D Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Nickolas Nault D Goffstown High School Goffstown
2017  Matthew Chorlian D Concord High School Concord
2017  Patrick Logan D Hanover High School Norwich VT
2017  Colin Tracy D Bow High School Bow
2017  Dan LeBell D Concord High School
2017  Will Smith D Hanover High School Norwich VT
2017  Austin Beaudette F Bow High School Bow
2017  Griffin Gagne F Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Jacob Rioux F Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Jay Roberto F Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Troy Muldoon F Londonderry High Londonderry
2017  Nathanael Darwin F/D Keene High School Keene
2017  Gaetano DeLonge F Keene High School Harrisville
2017  Jason Langevin F Keene High School W. Chesterfield
2017  Jordan Caito F Bishop Guertin Londonderry
2017  Nathan Gariepy F Lebanon High School Lebanon
2017  Jake Vadeboncoeur F Exeter High School Brentwood
2017  Thomas Norton G Bishop Guertin Londonderry
2017  Dana Marsh G North Country Union Derby
2017  Eli Rivers F Harwood Union Waterbury Ctr.
2017  Owen Hungerford F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2017  Bradley Romeo F Spaulding High School Barre
2017  Conor Barrett F Union 32 High School Montpelier
2017  Isaac Cioffi F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2017  Dylan Rochford D South Burlington High South Burlington
2017  Hunter Laroe D Bellows Free Academy Georgia
2017  Ethan Bonnette F Bellows Free Academy Swanton
2017  Nicholas McGovern F Essex High School Essex Jct.
2017  Lucas Eldred F Union 32 High School Montpelier
2017  Joe Parento F Champlain Valley Union Montpelier
2017  Luke Krupa F Spaulding High School
2017  Chandler Cressey F Spaulding High School Barre
2017  Denver Heath F Spaulding High School Barre
2017  Ben Rouillard F Hartford High School White River Jct.
2017  Noah Rouleau D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2017  Andrew Gleason D Middlebury Union Salisbury
2017  Michael Flaherty F South Burlington High South Burlington
2017  Cody Gosselin G Spaulding High School Barre
2017  Lauren Calnan G Manchester Memorial Raymond
2017  Emma Schoenbeck D Berlin/Gorham High Gorham
2017  Emily Kopecky F Exeter High School Brentwood
2017  Brittani Chapman D Phillips Exeter Academy Somersworth
2017  Mahler Meyerrose F Hanover High School
2017  Susan McDonough D Oyster River High Durham
2017  Grayson Leichtman F Oyster River High Durham
2017  Rylie Binette F Berlin/Gorham High Milan
2017  Madelyn Folcik D Kearsage Regional North Sutton
2017  Kristen Perras F Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Rose Mroczka F Boston Shamrocks Lee
2017  Maggie Fifield F/D Goffstown High School Goffstown
2017  Grace Lindsay F Lebanon High School Hanover
2017  Shaeleigh Valliere F Berlin/Gorham High Berlin
2017  Katelyn Mello F Exeter High School Kensington
2017  Clare Gardner F Hanover High School Etna
2017  JJ Taube D Hanover High School Hanover
2017  Shannon Lambert F Bedford High School Bedford
2017  Sage Ballard ?? Lebanon High School
2017  Megan Fiske G Seacoast Spartans Chester
2017  Lindsay Hallowell G Essex High School Essex
2017  Shannon Nadeau D Rice Prep Colchester
2017  Justine Martin F Essex High School Essex
2017  Anna Burke F Mt. Mansfield Union Jericho
2017  Sydney LaPlant D Essex High School Essex
2017  Julia Carone F Middlebury Union Bomoseen
2017  Remy Bragg D Cushing Academy Pittsfield
2017  Jessica Scott F Spaulding High School Barre
2017  Courtney Amell F Northfield High School Northfield
2017  Emma Hill F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2017  Lily Schillinger D Rutland High School Rutland
2017  Kait Laroe F Bellows Free Academy Swanton
2017  Molly Wetmore D Middlebury Union Middlebury
2017  Jordyn Michaud F/D Union 32 High School E. Montpelier
2017  Caitlin Laird F Rutland High School Rutland
2017  Caitlyn Wilkin D St. Paul’s School Barre
2017  Jessica Casey F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans
2017  Jenna Blondin G Burlington/Colchester Colchester

2016  Vika Simons G Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Ricki Haab F Stowe High Stowe
2016  Riley Yandow F Bellows Free Academy Swanton
2016  Amanda Sinkewicz F Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Makenna Larrow D Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Erin Tully F Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Amanda Nelson D Hartford High White River Jct.
2016  Megan Hayes F No. Amer. Hockey Acad. White River Jct.
2016  Lauren Bartlett F Middlebury High Middlebury
2016  Agnes Bisselle F Burr and Burton Acad. Manchester Ctr.
2016  Dakota Bilodeau D Burlington/Colchester Colchester
2016  2 Aliza Ellis F Bellows Free Academy Georgia
2016  Krystal Parent D Northfield High School Williamstown
2016  Kaley Campbell F Rice Prep Colchester
2016  Victoria Bean D Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Avery MacGillivray D Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Kristina Bellomo F Rice Prep Rutland
2016  Elena Brigham F Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Kailie Matteson D Rutland High Rutland
2016  Mikaella Doran G Stowe High Eden Mills
2016  Annie Smyth-Hammond G Holderness School Barnstable MA
2016  Eliza Laycock F Hanover High Hanover
2016  Jamie Dee D Proctor Academy Bedford
2016  4 Corinne Quinn D Exeter High Exeter
2016  Samantha Schechter F Concord High Concord
2016  Matti Hartman F Hanover High Etna
2016  Jessica Cloutier F St. Paul’s School Bedford
2016  Meagan Accardi D Berlin High Berlin
2016  Maisey Kettlewood F St. Thomas/Dover Nottingham
2016  Elizabeth Silvia-Chandley F Souhegan High Amherst
2016  Ella Williams F Hanover High Norwich VT
2016   Kelly Brigham F Hanover High Norwich VT
2016  Shannon Colson F/D Spaulding High Rochester
2016  Kaylyn Forest F Souhegan High Amherst
2016  Shannon Riley F Kingswood Regional Wolfeboro
2016  Jenna Arguin F Berlin High Berlin
2016  Julie Montgomery F Hanover High Hanover
2016  Sarah Plourde G Bishop Brady/Trinity Hooksett
2016  Erik Short G Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Colton Leno F Middlebury Union Whiting
2016  Ryan Allen F Spaulding High Barre
2016  Kyle Ehler-Vock D South Burlington High So. Burlington
2016  Matt Needleman F Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Cameron Cousino D Rice Memorial High Essex Junction
2016  Cole Whitaker D Stowe High Stowe
2016  Braden McCarthy D Woodstock Union Woodstock
2016  Tyler Crowningshield F Middlebury Union Vergennes
2016  Hunter Kirouac F Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Jack Levinsky F Rice Memorial Burlington
2016  Will Palmer F Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Nathan Lemieux F Hartford High White River Jct.
2016  Sam Shorey F Bellows Free Academy Saint Albans
2016  Chris Cinque F Stowe High Stowe
2016  Austin Theriault D Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Ethan Bartlett F Essex High Essex Junction
2016  Evan Perkins D Brattleboro Union Brattleboro
2016  Justin Laperle G Spaulding High Barre
2016  Ben Nelson G Concord High Concord
2016  Brendan Johnson F Manchester Memorial Manchester
2016  Cam Hult D Bishop Guertin Nashua
2016  Drew Merrick F/D Trinity High Manchester
2016  Nate John F Bedford High Bedford
2016  Bradley Murphy F Concord High Concord
2016  Caleb Drouin F Belmont-Gilford High Belmont
2016  Kieran Lombard F Dover High Dover
2016  Ryan Downie F Merrimack High Merrimack
2016  Evan Royer F Exeter High Stratham
2016  Luke LaCroce D Portsmouth High Portsmouth
2016  Justin Pearson F Bishop Guertin Nashua
2016  Chad Desautels F Windham High Windham
2016  Joe Goudey D Bishop Guertin Dracut MA
2016  5 Zach Pelletier F Manchester Memorial Manchester
2016  Brandon Mello F Exeter High Kensington
2016  Kyle Feeney D Merrimack High Merrimack
2016  Sean McGadden F Bedford High Bedford
2016  Alex Abad D Bedford High Bedford
2016  Nick Martinen G Dover High Dover

2015  Victoria Gibson G Essex High School Essex Jct., VT
2015  Angela Carone F Middlebury Union Bomoseen, VT
2015  Taylor Jackson F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans, VT
2015  Elizah French D Spaulding High School Graniteville, VT
2015  Kristen Dukette F Northfield High Northfield, VT
2015  Tiffany Barnes D Essex High School Essex Jct. , VT
2015  Maggie LaGue D No. Amer. Hockey Acad. Barre, VT
2015  Morgan Lamos D Bellows Free Academy St. Albans, VT
2015  Claudia Gee F Northfield High Randolph, VT
2015  Ryan Little F Shattuck St. Mary’s Guilford, VT
2015  Julia Ormsby F Spaulding High Barre, VT
2015  Sam Fuller F Rice Prep Moretown, VT
2015  Michaela Martin D Missisquoi Valley Union Sheldon, VT
2015  Molly Burke F Mt. Mansfield Jericho, VT
2015  Jade Remillard F Bellows Free Academy Fairfield, VT
2015  Amanda Conger F Rice Prep Swanton, VT
2015  Taylor Dion F Boston Shamrocks Colchester, VT
2015  Whitney Bernier F North Country Union Newport, VT
2015  Lucy Bisselle D Burr & Burton Academy Manchester, VT
2015  Maddie Myers G Rice Prep Colchester, VT
2015  Erika Moffitt G Lebanon High Meriden, NH
2015  Emma Forman F Lebanon High Meriden, NH
2015  Kyra Taylor F Lebanon High Meriden, NH
2015  Margeaux Baker D Hanover High Etna, NH
2015  Maria Hendrickson D/F Kingswood Regional Wolfeboro, NH
2015  Jenna Rheault D St. Paul’s School Deering, NH
2015  Karli Swensen F Lebanon High Grantham, NH
2015  Loren McEwen F Lebanon High Cornish Flat, NH
2015  Samantha Roberts D Lebanon High Lebanon, NH
2015  Sarah Wagner F Hanover High Hanover, NH
2015  Delia Nahabedian F Hanover High Norwich, VT
2015  Miriam Eickhoff F St. Paul’s School Hanover, NH
2015  Victoria Shaw F Bishop Guertin Dracut, MA
2015  Erin Smith D Bishop Guertin Nashua, NH
2015  Emma Malenka D Hanover High Etna, NH
2015  Taylor Wenczkowski F Boston Shamrocks Rochester, NH
2015  Julia Hatch F Oyster River High Lee, NH
2015  Emily Croot G Oyster River High Durham, NH
2015  Chelsey Shaw G St. Thomas/Dover High Dover, NH
2015  Nate Muller G Bellows Free Academy St. Albans, VT
2015  Kaleb Godbout D Champlain Valley Union Williston, VT
2015  Jake Hubbard F Missisquoi Valley Union St. Albans, VT
2015  Michael Croce F Essex High School Essex Jct. , VT
2015  Jake Gaboriault D Essex High School Essex Jct. , VT
2015  Peter Dukas F Bellows Free Academy St. Albans, VT
2015  Jordan Godfrey F Rutland High School Castleton, VT
2015  Jared Rylant F Colchester High School Colchester, VT
2015  Matthew Clark-Blouin D/F Spaulding High School Barre, VT
2015  Justin Stone F Middlebury Union Middlebury, VT
2015  Kyle McDonald F South Burlington High So. Burlington, VT
2015  Peter Camardo D South Burlington High So. Burlington, VT
2015  Matthew Boudreau F Bellows Free Academy Swanton, VT
2015  Joey Robertson F Essex High School Essex, VT
2015  Oscar Kelly D Champlain Valley Union Charlotte, VT
2015  Jared Antoniak D Colchester High School Colchester, VT
2015  Cameron Rivard F Champlain Valley Union Williston, VT
2015  Brandon Wells F St. Johnsbury Academy St. Johnsbury, VT
2015  Nathan Lalonde D Middlebury Union East Middlebury, VT
2015  Dean Abatiell G Rutland High School Castleton, VT
2015  Zander Allen F Spaulding High Rochester, NH
2015  Kyle Svenson F Salem High Salem, NH
2015  Brett Silva D Bedford High Bedford, NH
2015  Kyle Carignan F Spaulding High Rochester, NH
2015  Dakota Pidgeon F St. Thomas Aquinas York, ME
2015  Ben Acker F Hanover High Londonderry, NH
2015  Devon Sprague F Manchester Central Hooksett, NH
2015  Nicholas Apostolakes D Bishop Guertin Groton, MA
2015  Justin Jewell F Spaulding High Rochester, NH
2015  Cam Crowley F Dover High Dover, NH
2015  Nicholas Burgess F Manchester Memorial Manchester, NH
2015  Robert Markusic D Dover High Barrington, NH
2015  Asa Palker F Bedford High Bedford, NH
2015  Jason Fortin D Merrimack High Merrimack, NH
2015  Stephen Leonard D Pinkerton High Chester, NH
2015  Jason Lutcza D Bishop Guertin Pepperell, MA
2015  Jin Kim F Hanover High Norwich, VT
2015  Ryan Damren F Lebanon High West Lebanon, NH
2015  Matt Brewster G Merrimack High Merrimack, NH
2015  Luc Ravenelle G Dover High, NH

2014 Danielle Mayo   Stowe, VT
2014 Sydney Chadwick  St. Albans, VT
2014 Jill Rathke  Burlington, VT
2014 Paige Viens  Middlebury, VT
2014 DJ Doney  Northfield Falls, VT
2014 Meghan Martin   Newport, VT
2014 Dani Schreiner   St. Albans, VT
2014 Alexis Hall   Stowe, VT
2014 Jensen Hamblett  Colchester, VT
2014 Kellie Lockerby   Colchester, VT
2014 Hillary Amell   Northfield, VT
2014 Erica Bonnette-Lykens   Swanton, VT
2014 Sara Boe   Middlebury, VT
2014 Chelsea Ellis   St. Albans, VT
2014 Kierra Wright   Stowe, VT
2014 Katie Martin   Waterbury Ctr. , VT
2014 Taylor Yandow   Waterbury, VT
2014 Corrina Cota   Barton, VT
2014 Molly Dunphy   Williston, VT
2014 Siena Damon   Waterbury, VT
2014 Lauren Owsowitz   Concord, NH
2014 Arianna Harris   New Boston, NH
2014 Sandra Strogen   Madbury, NH
2014 Kaitlyn Wurzer   Lee, NH
2014 Jessica Mark-Anthony   Lee, NH
2014 Grace Tecca   Lyme, NH
2014 Rebecca Begley   Fremont, NH
2014 Melissa Houde   Bedford, NH
2014 Micaela Schones   Grantham, NH
2014 Caroline Howell   Lyme, NH
2014 Maggie McNamara   Durham, NH
2014 Annie Mullen   Concord, NH
2014 Jill Holden   Dover, NH
2014 Shayna Murphy   Dover, NH
2014 Aubrie Mazurek   Lebanon, NH
2014 Brooke Avery   Loudon, NH
2014 Emily Landry   Berlin, NH
2014 Sarah Muller   Norwich VT
2014 Abbey Raiche   Dover, NH
2014 Emily Gougelet   Hanover, NH
2014 Brock Paquette   Essex, VT
2014 Alex Bulla   Shelburne, VT
2014 Ryan Paul   Morgan, VT
2014 Adam Oler   Jericho, VT
2014 Brody Almeida   Essex Jct. , VT
2014 Gabe Simpatico   So. Burlington, VT
2014 Jackson Tucker   Northfield, VT
2014 Max Major   Rutland, VT
2014 Nate Marsh   Derby, VT
2014 Patrick Pattison   Williston, VT
2014 Ross Delabruere   Derby, VT
2014 Steven Morse   Essex Jct. , VT
2014 Carl Laroe   Georgia, VT
2014 Matty Cuce   Colchester, VT
2014 Nick Berno   St. Albans, VT
2014 Curtis Magnan   Barre, VT
2014 Brady Walsh   St. Albans, VT
2014 Jordan Stearns   Middlebury, VT
2014 Matt Baechle   So. Burlington, VT
2014 Ben Ferland   East Barre, VT
2014 Ian Beliveau   Manchester, NH
2014 Mitchel Myers   Manchester, NH
2014 Nate Boyd   Bedford, NH
2014 Patrick Gagliardi   Bedford, NH
2014 Harrison Voloshin   Bedford, NH
2014 Niall Foster   Newmarket, NH
2014 Eric Coburn   Londonderry, NH
2014 Jake Latham   Nashua, NH
2014 Michael Dee   Bedford, NH
2014 Brent Phillips   Rochester, NH
2014 Glenn Wiswell   Berwick ME
2014 Connor Jewett   Berlin, NH
2014 Tim Tetrault   Manchester, NH
2014 Curtis Harper   Londonderry, NH
2014 Camden Brown   Raymond, NH
2014 Felix Nyqvist   Somersworth, NH
2014 Brett Evangelista   Londonderry, NH
2014 Mike Hayden   Mont Vernon, NH
2014 Joe Grout   Plainfield, NH

2013  Lukas Caldwell  Morrisville  VT

2013  Justin Ward   Essex Jct. VT

2013  Kirk Fontana   Williston VT

2013  Jack Vallee  St. Albans VT

2013  Tommy Royer    South Burlington VT

2013  Jack Cabanaw   Essex Jct. VT

2013  Bernie Thibeault   South Burlington VT

2013  Brandon Streeter  East Fairfield VT

2013  Eric Craig  South Burlington VT

2013  Andy Harris   Brattleboro VT

2013  Adam Viens   Newport VT

2013  Sean Paradis  Bondville VT

2013  Logan Lamothe   St. Albans VT

2013  Shane O’Neill   East Montpelier VT

2013  Steven Jurkiewicz  Essex Jct. VT

2013  Patrick Abbott   Essex VT

2013  Jordan Jones   Worcester VT

2013  Patrick Keelan    Shelburne VT

2013  Nathan Foice   Essex VT

2013  Zack Stewart   Sunderland NH

2013  Ryan Slatky   Manchester NH

2013  Brian Chick   Rochester NH

2013  Hunter Goss   Henniker NH

2013  Michael Yukica  Lebanon NH

2013  Domenic Valluzzi    Merrimack NH

2013  Austin Sprague  Hooksett NH

2013  Brady McNulty   Manchester NH

2013  Mitch Hayes    Concord NH

2013  Drew Gowen Pepin   Rochester NH

2013  Eli Cobb   Dover NH

2013  Trevor Malmgren    Manchester NH

2013  Kurt Mitchell   Bedford NH

2013  Dominic Corsetto  Derry NH

2013  Colin Williamson    Manchester NH

2013  Ethan Pollock    Manchester NH

2013  Garnet Antkowiak   Salem NH

2013  Kyle Valliere   Manchester NH

2013  Chris O’Hara   Bedford NH

2013  Ryan Griffin   Londonderry NH

2013  John Dunn  Londonderry NH

2013  Jacob Boylan   Goffstown NH

2013  Brett Glendye  Loudon  NH

2013  Brittany  Malmgren-Pelkey    Rutland VT

2013  Gretchen Tarrant    Colchester VT

2013  Tori Hubbard     St. Albans VT

2013  Beth Scott   Barre VT

2013  Aly Hardy   St. Albans VT

2013  Kayla Dion    Colchester VT

2013  Jenna Lancour    Essex Jct. VT

2013  Ashley Pelkey    Barre VT

2013  Alli Devins   White River Jct. VT

2013  Katie Campbell    Swanton VT

2013  Ellen Gosselin     Barre VT

2013  Hanna Lovelette    St. Albans VT

2013  McKenna Hayes    Burlington VT

2013  Anne-Marie Farmer    South Burlington VT

2013  Julia Hudson    South Burlington VT

2013  Carly Watson    Montpelier VT

2013  Mikaela Flanagan   Swanton VT

2013  Mackenzie St. Onge    Stowe VT

2013  Taylor Hallowell   Essex Jct. VT

2013  Shanley Howrigan    Fairfield VT

2013  Kelcey Crawford   Amherst NH

2013  Meg Ficarra    Concord NH

2013  Kerry Twomey    Londonderry NH

2013  Emily Eno   Dover NH

2013  Michelle Holmes   Goffstown NH

2013  Karlie Kobylarz     Hollis NH

2013  Kaileigh Lazzaro   Hampstead NH

2013  Chrissy Drake    Lebanon NH

2013  Lauren Adie    Grantham NH

2013  Jess Carroll     Concord NH

2013  Abigail Angelosanto   Kensington NH

2013  Allie Folcik    Wilmot NH

2013  Hannah Foote     Concord NH

2013  Skylar Pepin    Manchester NH

2013  Amelia Gage    Lebanon NH

2013  Jess Pittroff    Lee NH


2012 Elicia Zecchini     East Kingston NH

2012 Hope DuHaime   Concord NH

2012 Tessa Hill    Hanover NH

2012 Danielle Lange     Billerica MA

2012 Maddie Dewhirst     Hanover NH

2012 Kristen Webber    Lebanon NH

2012 Hannah Lyons    Norwich VT

2012 Molly Whitaker    West Lebanon NH

2012 Marissa Clifford-Biederman    Lee NH

2012 Taylor Dubé  Exeter NH

2012 Kyra Herbert  Plainfield NH

2012 Becky Turgeon  Hudson NH

2012 Madison Hill  Hanover NH

2012 Breanna Davis  Andover NH

2012 Brittany Schones  Grantham NH

2012 Jadelyn Barbin  Barrington NH

2012 Lauren Dupont  Pelham NH

2012 Kyanna Lefebvre  Berlin NH

2012 Allyson LeFebvre  Salem NH

2012 Cameron Anzel  Nashua NH

2012 Michael Ahern  Bedford NH

2012 Alec Paradis  Pelham NH

2012 Easton Dubois  Manchester NH

2012 Joey Libby  Hooksett NH

2012 Dustin Walsh  Concord NH

2012 Ryan Bishop  Durham NH

2012 Mike Beaudet  Hooksett NH

2012 Brady Bilodeau  Manchester NH

2012 Brandon Travaglini  Salem NH

2012 Eddie Conroy  Rye NH

2012 Owen Allen  Durham NH

2012 David Downie  Merrimack NH

2012 Kevin Murphy  Kearsarge NH

2012 Jeremy Rivard  Berlin NH

2012 Marc LaVine  Nashua NH

2012 Shane Earley  Hopkinton NH

2012 Nate Philbrick  Henniker NH

2012 Nick Dube  West Lebanon NH

2012 Mary Cain  Montpelier VT

2012 Taylor Steadman  White River Jct. VT

2012 Micaela Thibault  Colchester VT

2012 Katie Mandigo  Cornwall VT

2012 Sydney Watkin  South Burlington VT

2012 Kayleigh Ehler-Vock  South Burlington VT

2012 Hadley DesMeules  No. Pomfret VT

2012 Taisha Pelkey  South Barre VT

2012 Ali Evans  St. Albans VT

2012 Rachel Elliott  Essex Jct. VT

2012 Rachel Zajchowski  Richmond VT

2012 Whitney Gervais  South Burlington VT

2012 Nicole Beaudoin  Essex Jct. VT

2012 Zoe Bailey  Barre VT

2012 Hayley Arnold  Barre VT

2012 Maria Ploof  East Middlebury VT

2012 Kim Dvorak  Essex Jct. VT

2012 Chelsea Stanclift  Warren VT

2012 Jennifer Mariotti  White River Jct. VT

2012 Ashley Howlett  Bridport VT

2012 Kevin Avery  Barre VT

2012 George Salg  Enosburg Falls VT

2012 JT Begnoche  Essex Jct. VT

2012 Zach Haggerty  Stowe VT

2012 Matt Palmer   St. Albans VT

2012 Colin Babcock  No. Ferrisburg VT

2012 Ross Mandigo  Moscow VT

2012 Chris Hinrichs  Wolcott VT

2012 Connor Roberts  St. Albans VT

2012 Nate Frieberg  Colchester VT

2012 Chris Weinheimer  South Burlington VT

2012 Lucas Martin  Essex Jct. VT

2012 Luke Nestor  Burlington VT

2012 Mike Schreiner  St. Albans VT

2012 Taylor Raftery  East Fairfield VT

2012 Hunter Grosvenor  Stowe VT

2012 Eric Beecy  Stowe VT

2012 Connor Walsh  St. Albans VT

2012 Steven Ushakov  Burlington VT

2012 Pat Campbell  Essex Jct. VT


2011 Sara Till Jericho VT

2011 Michela Smith Barre VT

2011 Amanda Lacaillade Hinesburg VT

2011 Rachel Hubbard St. Albans VT

2011 Lily Sarageant S. Burlington VT

2011 Morgan Dodd Enosburg VT

2011 Anna Demasi Richmond VT

2011 Kate Howard St. Albans VT

2011 Abbi Boomhover St. Albans VT

2011 Amanda Pelkey Montpelier VT

2011 Nicolette Gosselin Barre VT

2011 Alyx Rivard Williston VT

2011 Taylor Girard Sheldon VT

2011 Molly Howard Shelburne VT

2011 Katherine Kreis Barre VT

2011 Jyneva Pickel Plainfield VT

2011 Sarah Deslandes South Hero VT

2011 Laura Neal Essex VT

2011 Olivia Zweber Charlotte VT

2011 Nikki-Lyn Lavziere Milton VT

2011 Aaron Mullen Wilder VT

2011 Tyler Clark Barre VT

2011 Joshua Ward Essex Jct. VT

2011 Robbie Dobrowski South Burlington VT

2011 Kyle Peckham Essex Jct. VT

2011 Silas Rainville Franklin VT

2011 Jason Pelkey Barre VT

2011 Kurt Simendinger Williston VT

2011 Derek Goodwin Williston VT

2011 Peter Ballyk Stowe VT

2011 Tory Chouinard Brookfield VT

2011 Erik McClean Shelburne VT

2011 Collin Kwasnik Williamstown VT

2011 Lance Garrett Barre VT

2011 Ben Adams Westford VT

2011 Conor Pecor South Burlington VT

2011 J.P. Benoit Shelburne VT

2011 Andre Drewniak Colchester VT

2011 Torrey Kelty Barre VT

2011 Jeff Evans-Mongeon Waterbury Ctr. VT


2010 Nerissa Miner Raymond NH

2010 Kelly Lavallee Salem NH

2010 Jennifer Auty Exeter NH

2010 Kathlerine McLaughlin Lyme NH

2010 Whitney Blake Belanger Berlin NH

2010 Sarah McKahan Grantham NH

2010 Ashley Liotti Concord NH

2010 Kaela Mitchell Conway NH

2010 Holly Linseman Hampton NH

2010 Agnes Fotino Durham NH

2010 Courtney Popsie Concord NH

2010 Melissa Lehtinen Concord NH

2010 Molly Silva Laconia NH

2010 Mara Bovee Dover NH

2010 Emily Foss Rochester NH

2010 Leslie Ann McGowan Durham NH

2010 Jayla Robtay St. Albans VT

2010 Julia Pearl Essex Jct. VT

2010 Jackie LaCroix Barre VT

2010 Allison Lamell St. Albans VT

2010 Melissa Bizzari Stowe VT

2010 Michaela Meehan Stowe VT

2010 Erin Banfield E. Montpelier VT

2010 Jessica Carpenter Fairfield VT

2010 Erin McDonald Franklin VT

2010 Rachel Remillard Swanton VT

2010 Rebecca Fogg White River Jct. VT

2010 Jennifer Coppin E. Dorset VT

2010 Aleks Karosas Stowe VT

2010 Caralyn Barrett Northfield VT

2010 Riley Fontaine Highgate VT

2010 Jessica Desorcie Westford VT

2010 Lauren Todisco Burlington VT

2010 Katelynn Moreau St. Albans VT

2010 Brooke-Ann Boomhover St. Albans VT

2010 Deanna Rodolfy Mendon VT

2010 Ricky Gaudreau Conway NH

2010 Luke Enderwick Bow NH

2010 Alex Murphy Manchester NH

2010 Cam Geddes Manchester NH

2010 Kyle Pratte Manchester NH

2010 Riley Palmer Manchester NH

2010 Joe Arcieri Newmarket NH

2010 Tanner Heath Concord NH

2010 Greg Bueddeman Bow NH

2010 Sean Leahy Durham NH

2010 Trevor Paquet Hookset NH

2010 Shane Wolter Hanover NH

2010 Clark Brighton Hanover NH

2010 Kevin Marceau Concord NH

2010 Cameron MacLeod Hampton Falls NH

2010 Kyle Tracy Bow NH

2010 Trevor Nelson Exeter NH

2010 JJ Solloway Derry NH

2010 Chris Pelkey Barre VT

2010 Ethan Perry Essex Jct. VT

2010 Tom Duorak Essex Jct. VT

2010 Jake Orr Essex Jct. VT

2010 Cody Vose Hartford VT

2010 Derek Schueler Burlington VT

2010 Ellis Rushford Derby VT

2010 Sumner Becker White River Jct. VT

2010 William Inman Dummerston VT

2010 Trevor Gray Derby VT

2010 Taylor Porrier Poultney VT

2010 Brandon Rouleau Barre VT

2010 Erich Schwer Jericho VT

2010 George Buteau Burlington VT

2010 Alex Bartlett South Burlington VT

2010 Sam Parent Hinesburg VT

2010 Zach Dessureau Barre VT

2010 Matthew Rosenthal Manchester Center VT

2010 Garrett Arnold Barre VT

2010 Chase Congreves Essex Jct. VT


2009 Aviva Gottesman Norwich, VT NH

2009 Laurel Bauer Bradford NH

2009 Regan Dewhirst Hanover NH

2009 Samantha Hippern Dover NH

2009 Helen Cornwell Madbury NH

2009 Megan Cronkite Hanover NH

2009 Rebecca Caron Belmont NH

2009 Emilee Martin Lebanon NH

2009 Sarahanne Cavolo Roxbury NH

2009 Jamie Fralick Greenland NH

2009 Lauren Greer North Hampton NH

2009 Holly Ceplikas Lebanon NH

2009 Brianna Wentworth Rollinsford NH

2009 Mal Brodeur Berlin NH

2009 Nadine Cunningham Bow NH

2009 Annie Cravero Hanover NH

2009 Ashley Mullaney Durham NH

2009 Brittany Rocheleau Colchester, VT NH

2009 Claire Francis Stowe VT

2009 Madison Hayes White River Jct. VT

2009 Ashley Sweet Moretown VT

2009 Whitney Marmer Dorset VT

2009 Maggie DiMasi Burlington VT

2009 Montanna Heinlein Georgia VT

2009 Ally Kane Montpelier VT

2009 Dunja Jovicic Manchester VT

2009 Hanna Martini Fayston VT

2009 Cassi Miller Essex Jct. VT

2009 Ashley Boucher Rutland VT

2009 Trisha McGrath Burlington VT

2009 Emily DesMeules N. Pomfret VT

2009 Adrienne Fleming Enosburg Falls VT

2009 Jessica Paquette Enosburg Falls VT

2009 Elise Bishop-Rimmer South Hero VT

2009 Lauren Cabanaw Essex VT

2009 Sydney Stevens South Burlington VT

2009 Kelly Whitcomb Worcester VT

2009 Nicole Bonneau Williston VT

2009 Ryan Rothwell Atkinson NH

2009 Frank Davis Somersworth NH

2009 Ryan McDonough Bedford NH

2009 Ward Gleason Merrimack NH

2009 Jason Carace Hampstead NH

2009 Tom Wickham Manchester NH

2009 Sean White Dunstable NH

2009 Benjamin Rollins Lee NH

2009 Trevor DeVitto Atkinson NH

2009 Jon St. Charles Manchester NH

2009 John Mulvey Manchester NH

2009 Liam House-Myers Goffstown NH

2009 Jack Mullen Concord NH

2009 Brandon Guidotti Lebanon NH

2009 Wes Nelson Concord NH

2009 Nicholas Bundzinski Sandown NH

2009 Mark Baroni Windham NH

2009 Tyler Pratte Manchester NH

2009 Andrew Dugal Bow NH

2009 Dave O’Brian Groton NH

2009 Nate Potter White River Jct. VT

2009 Benjamin Soll Hinesburg VT

2009 Nick Keheya Colchester VT

2009 Tyler Vock South Burlington VT

2009 Austin Mandigo Moscow VT

2009 Luke Hayes Colchester VT

2009 Red Murray Shaftsbury VT

2009 Stevie Mone Essex VT

2009 RJ St. John Barre VT

2009 AJ Hamel White River Jct. VT

2009 Brady DeHayes Charlotte VT

2009 Cole Hunter Lyndonville VT

2009 Owen Smith Hinesburg VT

2009 Tim Reichert Williston VT

2009 Adam Krol Burlington VT

2009 Chris Howard Shelburn VT

2009 Trevor Pollock Sunderland VT

2009 Trey Kiendl Waitsfield VT

2009 Jordan Dafresne Sheldon VT

2009 Daniel Trombley Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada VT


2008 Jilliam Bolduc Atkinson NH

2008 Erica Simpson Concord NH

2008 Mackenzie Roy Concord NH

2008 Hannah Tardif Laconia NH

2008 Bacall Brooks Kittery Pt. ME NH

2008 Morgan Seney Bow NH

2008 Mikayla Menard Norwich, VT NH

2008 Josie Fisher White River Jct. VT NH

2008 Ariel Wachowiak Lee NH

2008 Hannah O’Brian Wolfsboro NH

2008 Portia Simermeyer Hanover NH

2008 Katie Paradis Rochester NH

2008 Morgan DeShaw Danville NH

2008 Caitlin Colitti Dover NH

2008 Jamie Harisiades Hooksett NH

2008 Meta Bergwall Lebanon NH

2008 Stacey McKinnon Northwood NH

2008 Danielle DiCesare York, ME NH

2008 Julia Coffin Concord NH

2008 Candice Currier Goffstown NH

2008 Becca Shaw South Burlington VT

2008 Laura Barber Salisbury VT

2008 Kristin Viens Georgia VT

2008 Caitie Banfield Monpelier VT

2008 Caitlin Manahan St. Albans VT

2008 Nicole Todisco Burlington VT

2008 Jordan Edson Northfield VT

2008 Kelly McDonald South Burlington VT

2008 Cathleen Loughlin Richmond VT

2008 Kaitlin Hayes Burlington VT

2008 Danielle Roberts St. Albans VT

2008 Jessica Hammond Shelburne VT

2008 Lou Lou Wheeler Manchester VT

2008 Jamie Woodward Colchester VT

2008 Meagan Hulbert Barre VT

2008 Felicia Desorcie Westford VT

2008 Crystal Berry Northfield VT

2008 Marissa Serafino Rutland VT

2008 Hillary Berns St. Albans VT

2008 Emily Douillard Essex Jct. VT

2008 Joel Willbrant Londonderry NH

2008 Sam Auffant Hampton NH

2008 Tyler Violette Amherst NH

2008 Mike Skelton Conway NH

2008 Ryan Desroche Salem NH

2008 Kyle Curry Littleton, MA NH

2008 Sully Harte Rochester NH

2008 Kaleb Allen Henniker NH

2008 Matthew Harnish Strafford NH

2008 Cody Dodds Hanover NH

2008 Jamie Ferullo Rochester NH

2008 Brett Borbidge Bow NH

2008 Chris Bolton Barrington NH

2008 William Swasey Concord NH

2008 John Lineberry Henniker NH

2008 Taylor Smith Concord NH

2008 Zachary Musgrave Bedford NH

2008 Josh Frahm North Salem NH

2008 Richard Siirala Dover NH


2007 Sara Laboe Concord NH

2007 Bret Lineberry Henniker NH

2007 Hannah Long Lee NH

2007 Katie Bradford West Lebanon NH

2007 Emily Bisson Dummer NH

2007 Megan Shea Manchester NH

2007 Nikki Hume North Hampton NH

2007 SueEllen Nault Goffstown NH

2007 Michelle Gitschier Madbury NH

2007 Tanya Rosenberg Berlin NH

2007 Meghan Colitti Dover NH

2007 Kate Buesser Wolfsboro Falls NH

2007 Rachael McLaughlin Dover NH

2007 Hilary Knight Hanover NH

2007 Kaitlynn Evans Gilford NH

2007 Ashley Goodridge Stratham NH

2007 Allison Barnaby Hampton NH

2007 Vickie Heghmann Durham NH

2007 Nicole Ludwig Derbyline VT

2007 Kyle Lyons White River Jct. VT

2007 Marie Van Der Kar Manchester VT

2007 Brenna Hayes Burlington VT

2007 Julie Toland White River Jct. VT

2007 Meredith Fogg White River Jct. VT

2007 Julie Hewitt Lyme, NH VT

2007 Sarah Reuschel Colchester VT

2007 Kelsey Cone Manchester VT

2007 Clare Fleming Enosburg Falls VT

2007 Danielle Goodrich Salisbury VT

2007 Coutrney Beaulieu Swanton VT

2007 Jess Lewis Rutland VT

2007 Samantha Latvis Hartford VT

2007 Chelsea Edson Manchester VT

2007 McKenna Hayes Burlington VT

2007 Holly Atkins Middlebury VT

2007 Kate Grey Northfield VT

2007 Kayla Gibbons Essex Jct. VT

2007 Killian Kozlowski South Burlington VT

2007 Meagan Fitzgerald St. Albans VT

2007 Cory McGlone Gonic NH

2007 Tyler Schwartzmiller Portsmouth NH

2007 Joey McCarran Derry NH

2007 Mike Grant Norwich, VT NH

2007 Joel Carrier Berlin NH

2007 Bryant Lausberg Somersworth NH

2007 Sean Polombo Nashua NH

2007 Matthew Norriak Dover NH

2007 Craig Randall Durham NH

2007 Travis L’Heureux Berlin NH

2007 Colin Merritt Manchester NH

2007 Pat O’Kane Hollis NH

2007 Josh McGilvray East Rochester NH

2007 Mike Tiano Dover NH

2007 Patrick Jeager Salem NH

2007 Michael Caso Amherst NH

2007 Jay Paradis Salem NH

2007 Ryan Bergeron Lebanon NH

2007 Corey Cotnoir Bow NH

2007 Sean McQuiggan Montpelier VT

2007 Nick Sisler Waterbury Ctr. VT

2007 Alex Deslandes South Hero VT

2007 Kevin Ford Hinesburg VT

2007 Brennan Cayia Berlin VT

2007 Ian Toof Georgia VT

2007 Josh Reagan South Burlington VT

2007 Eric Sweet Moretown VT

2007 Josh Corrigan St. Albans VT

2007 Jason Olson Rutland VT

2007 Brice Warner Shelburne VT

2007 Pat Norris Essex VT

2007 Anders Ostrum Montpelier VT

2007 Shawn Thompson Waterbury VT

2007 Josh L’Esperawe St. Albans VT

2007 Matt Littler Rutland VT

2007 Ronny DiMasi Burlington VT

2007 Zack Owen Essex Jct. VT

2007 Tyler Bouffard Colchester VT

2007 Mike Fogg Essex Jct. VT


2006 Allyson Campion Merrimack NH

2006 Desiree Biron Bow NH

2006 Courtney McKay Exeter NH

2006 Brittany George Barrington NH

2006 Elizabeth Denis Durham NH

2006 Kellene Poulis Rochester NH

2006 Britney McKenna Rye NH

2006 Erin Davey Nashua NH

2006 Chelsea Dodds Hanover NH

2006 Stephanie Noel Pembroke NH

2006 Bethany Ladd Meriden NH

2006 Caitlin Ochs Dover NH

2006 Conner Brannen Lyme NH

2006 Sam Pinsonneault Manchester NH

2006 Barbara McCarragher Meriden NH

2006 Jillian-Marie Gagne Manchester NH

2006 Rossli Chance Hampton Falls NH

2006 Vickie Heghmann Durham NH

2006 Lydia Corriveau Underhill VT

2006 Chelsea Furlani Colchester VT

2006 Lily Kielman Hinesburg VT

2006 Erin Fitzsimmons East Montpelier VT

2006 Eliza Kelley Rutland VT

2006 Hollie Wilson Burlington VT

2006 Erica Robertson St. Albans VT

2006 Brittany Nelson Shelburne VT

2006 Jamie Sheahan South Burlington VT

2006 Katie Bilodeau Colchester VT

2006 Hannah Rose Stowe VT

2006 Ashley Laquerre Barre VT

2006 Kelsey Goodson Burlington VT

2006 Kimberly LaBella Killington VT

2006 Eliza Bradley Charlotte VT

2006 Carling Belden Mendon VT

2006 Stephanie Bourbeau St. Albans VT

2006 Becky Street Shelburne VT

2006 Kristen Dirmaier South Burlington VT

2006 Jen Smith St. Albans VT

2006 Will Gibson Rochester NH

2006 Justin Eafrati Berlin NH

2006 Brandon Burbank Berlin NH

2006 Bobby Bryant Nashua NH

2006 William MacDougall Concord NH

2006 Todd Bartlett Dover NH

2006 Trevor Dodds Hanover NH

2006 Brenden Healey Salem NH

2006 Pat Halligan Salem NH

2006 Sean Conroy Rochester NH

2006 Alex Knuuttunen Sandown NH

2006 Devin Kelley Berlin NH

2006 Justin Lamprey Bow NH

2006 Phillip LaCasse Concord NH

2006 Ben Wachowiak Lee NH

2006 Kevin Eafrati Berlin NH

2006 Ian Pletch Concord NH

2006 Jake Esbjerg Colchester VT

2006 Brendan Lanoue Essex Jct. VT

2006 Andy Weigand Burlington VT

2006 Bryan Russell Essex Jct. VT

2006 Martin Casey Waterbury VT

2006 Mark Collins St. Albans VT

2006 Matt Behm Williston VT

2006 Jon Amell Northfield VT

2006 Andrew Antell Colchester VT

2006 Michael Casey Waterbury VT

2006 Kevin Hurlbut St. Albans VT

2006 Ryan Thygenen Graniteville VT

2006 Joshua Wilcox Jericho VT

2006 Dan Halpin Essex VT

2006 Josh Thibault Colchester VT

2006 Dan Mascoveta Chelsea VT

2006 Rem Kielman Hinesburg VT

2006 Anthony Savaglio Jericho VT

2006 Jesse Labrecque Essex Jct. VT


2005 Melaine Cullen Derry NH

2005 Libby DeLucia Norwich, VT NH

2005 Kathleen Twomey Londonderry NH

2005 Nicole Poulin Berlin NH

2005 Alyssa Dutton Londonderry NH

2005 Katie Foley Durham NH

2005 Chelsea Bickford Rochester NH

2005 Leah Harris Laconia NH

2005 Johanna Buchholz Plainfield NH

2005 Alison Moynihan Plainfield NH

2005 Christine Perry Ossipee NH

2005 Erica Christiansen Merrimack NH

2005 Allison Caron Belmont NH

2005 Katy O’Sullivan Bow NH

2005 Kelsea Moses Bow NH

2005 Aly Frank Exeter NH

2005 Caroline Buskey Hanover NH

2005 Erin Heaney East Kingston NH

2005 Karilyn Pilch Salem NH

2005 Brianna Gagne Highgate Ctr. VT

2005 Allison Kemon White River Jct. VT

2005 Jessi Tourville Baltimore VT

2005 Teresa Thaler South Burlington VT

2005 Liz Keefe Brattleboro VT

2005 Kaelin Hand Manchester Ctr. VT

2005 Hannah Schweizer Burlington VT

2005 Kristen Thayer Charlotte VT

2005 Sophie Leclerc Barre VT

2005 Lindsay Loskutoff White River Jct. VT

2005 Ashley Whitehouse St. Albans VT

2005 Jennifer Amell Northfield VT

2005 Stephanie Morris South Burlington VT

2005 Andee Hulbert Barre VT

2005 Kara Shushereba Essex Jct. VT

2005 Betsy Viens St. Albans VT

2005 Kelley Daly South Burlington VT

2005 Molly DiMasi Burlington VT

2005 Stefanie Goslant Northfield VT

2005 Sarah Manahan St. Albans VT

2005 Jamie LeSage Exeter NH

2005 Ryan Stokes Windham NH

2005 Brian Dumoulin Berlin NH

2005 Jan Vastl North Salem NH

2005 Neal Baroni Windham NH

2005 Jason Stahl Londonderry NH

2005 Jim Capulli Hampstead NH

2005 Tyler Simms Lebanon NH

2005 Joe Ouellette Windham NH

2005 Joshua Manheim Nashua NH

2005 Rich Marciano Derry NH

2005 David Machos Bedford NH

2005 Scott Lemay Salem NH

2005 Kyle Wilmarth Salem NH

2005 Ryan McDonald Bow NH

2005 Joey Gaudet Etna NH

2005 Matt Buchan Lebanon NH

2005 Woody Redpath Norwich, VT NH

2005 Matt Welch Burlington VT

2005 Evan D.H. Roberts West Cornwall VT

2005 Josh Demers Montpeier VT

2005 Kevin Richard South Burlington VT

2005 Chao Mangan Winooski VT

2005 John Boudreau St. Albans VT

2005 Brendan Fay Essex Jct. VT

2005 Corey Hamblett Georgia VT

2005 Ryan McGinnis Charlotte VT

2005 Brad Currier Essex Jct. VT

2005 Bobby Hennessey Essex Jct. VT

2005 Charlie Mildrum St. Albans VT

2005 Matt Kilcoyne Essex Jct. VT

2005 Sean Hayes Burlington VT

2005 Ryan Robertson Northfield VT

2005 Kyle Taylor St. Albans VT

2005 Brendan Van Tuinen Waterbury VT

2005 Tom Brayden South Burlington VT

2005 Dustin Wood Northfield VT

2005 Trevor McGovorn Shelburne VT


2004 Amanda Gage St. Albans VT

2004 Kari Furlani Clochester VT

2004 Jenna Stanley Enosburg Falls VT

2004 Caeleigh Beerworth Shrewsbury VT

2004 Sara Choiniere St. Albans VT

2004 Gabrielle Bourgeois New Haven VT

2004 Alessandra LaFiandra Middlebury VT

2004 Mary-Kate Geratowski Wilder VT

2004 Mary Claire McGovern Stowe VT

2004 Anna Cleary Stowe VT

2004 Jamie Fitzgerald Burlington VT

2004 Emmy Handy St. Albans VT

2004 Amanda Nickels Wilder VT

2004 Sarah Dalton Cornwall VT

2004 Sarah Gaudreau Derby VT

2004 Caitlin Malboeuf Fairfield VT

2004 Kara Leene Waterbury Center VT

2004 Brittany Rogers Stowe VT

2004 Taylor Brady Charlotte VT

2004 Emilie Donka WRJ VT

2004 Alex Ogilvie Kittery Point, ME NH

2004 Adam Krinsky Concord NH

2004 Ryan Boston Rochester NH

2004 Shawn Lambert Gonic NH

2004 Corey LaRoche Bow NH

2004 Phil Lamy Manchester NH

2004 Scott Davis Lebanon NH

2004 Jay Michaud Berlin NH

2004 Jake M Moody Rochester NH

2004 Travis Glennon Exeter NH

2004 Chad Brodeur Berlin NH

2004 Michael Dodge Hanover NH

2004 Chase Feole Windham NH

2004 Nathan Domingues Nashua NH

2004 John Higgins Stratham NH

2004 Mike Rossetti Salem NH

2004 Mark Kuehn Salem NH

2004 Thomas Raymond St. Albans VT

2004 Luke Beato Burlington VT

2004 David Jette Swanton VT

2004 Colin Gilmartin Underhill Ctr VT

2004 Peter Hamilton Rutland VT

2004 Ryan Heney Essex VT

2004 Alain Fortin Swanton VT

2004 Alec Smail Burlington VT

2004 Kevin McAuliffe Essex VT

2004 Paul Dean Burlington VT

2004 Derrick Perreault Colchester VT

2004 Robert Mallinson Rutland VT

2004 Jonathan Dulude Burlington VT

2004 Steve Hennesey Essex VT

2004 Dan Austin Williston VT

2004 Kevin Thibault S. Burlington VT

2004 Chad Guerreo Essex VT

2004 Chris Bouchard Essex VT

2004 Michael Ball Orange VT

2004 Julia Kincade Durham NH

2004 Courtney Cioffredi Lebanon NH

2004 Jenna Gibson Brentwood NH

2004 Emily Sukiennik Concord NH

2004 Caroline Currie Hanover NH

2004 Katie Rowlenson Webster NH

2004 Laura E. Brady Hudson NH

2004 Jessica Murray Mont Vernon NH

2004 Allison Neal Wolfchoro Falls NH

2004 Stephanie Roy Berlin NH

2004 Tiah Paradis Berlin NH

2004 Erin Gagnon Lebanon NH

2004 Kristina Thibodeau Berlin NH

2004 Andrea Berlin Durham NH

2004 Katie Nickerson Windham NH

2004 Kalla Robb Farmington NH


2003 Matt Ward Colchester VT

2003 Mark Deering Weybridge VT

2003 Tim McIntyre Essex Junction VT

2003 Ryan Lord East Barre VT

2003 Mitchell Watson Newport VT

2003 Ethan Boudreau St. Albans VT

2003 Scott McDowell St. Albans VT

2003 Matt Whirley Jericho VT

2003 Patrick Sheahan South Burlington VT

2003 Kyle LaCroix Moretown VT

2003 Jamie Doyon Northfield VT

2003 Michael Wrobel Northfield VT

2003 Adam Lamarre Barre VT

2003 Chris King Colchester VT

2003 Christopher Donza Stowe VT

2003 Dustin Degree St. Albans VT

2003 David Pinckney Williston VT

2003 Brent Jurkiewicz Essex Junction VT

2003 Matt Goslant Northfield VT

2003 Ryan Van Schoick Quechee VT

2003 Sarah LeClair Barre VT

2003 Emilie Clark Calais VT

2003 Marla Straight South Hero VT

2003 Mindy Morrison South Burlington VT

2003 Melissa Flanagan Manchester Center VT

2003 Alison Graddock Stowe VT

2003 Erica Dukette Northfield VT

2003 Caroline Robertson St. Albans VT

2003 Brooke Gannon East Montpelier VT

2003 Nicole Adams Rutland VT

2003 Jessie Benoit Essex VT

2003 Sara Ricker White River Jct. VT

2003 Ellen Sargent St. Albans VT

2003 Holly Driscoll Stowe VT

2003 Amanda Rosenbeck Wilder VT

2003 Amanda Thomas St. Albans VT

2003 Erin Guertin St. Albans VT

2003 Emma Dunn South Burlington VT

2003 Emily Grant Rutland VT

2003 Melissa Kipp Salisbury VT

2003 Katelyn Nichols Milton VT


2002 Annie Mason Berlin VT

2002 Jennifer Fifield Wilder VT

2002 Susan Connor Bridgeport VT

2002 Emily Cabral Colchester VT

2002 Casey GreeMore Barre VT

2002 Kylie Ammel White River Jct. VT

2002 Emily Titterton Morrisville VT

2002 Caitlin Fitzpatrick Middlebury VT

2002 Kacey Grubb Vergennes VT

2002 Jenna Mclane Stowe VT

2002 Gill Butsch Berlin VT

2002 Kate Hudspeth Burlington VT

2002 Joanna Morgan Essex Junction VT

2002 Jessica Patterson Middlesex VT

2002 Kris Fitzgerald Salisbury VT

2002 Kristine Dodd Franklin VT

2002 Sarah Butsch Berlin VT

2002 Kathryn Aldrich Essex Junction VT

2002 Trista Valliere Burlington VT

2002 Andrew DiMasi Burlington VT

2002 David Peterson Montpelier VT

2002 Keith Fransic Williston VT

2002 Kyle LeBlanc Essex Junction VT

2002 Sam Sheehan Salisbury VT

2002 Scott Mildrum VT

2002 Dana Thibault South Burlington VT

2002 Adam Antell Colchester VT

2002 Kyle Pelletire East Barre VT

2002 Jason Corrigan St. Albans VT

2002 Greg Langston Milton VT

2002 Dan Ammel White River Jct. VT

2002 Eric Caroche Highgate VT

2002 Daniel Parent Hinesburg VT

2002 Dana Robinson Middlebury VT

2002 Kevin Fleuric St. Johnsbury VT

2002 Justin Chamberlin Northfield VT

2002 Nathan Gray Northfield VT

2002 Ryan Jacobs Derby VT

2002 Eric Lampman Charlotte VT

2002 Jonathan Day Shelburne VT

2002 Ed Sargent St. Albans VT

2002 Mike Gleason Westford MA

2002 Derek Newcomb Nashua NH

2002 Shane Rossetti Concord NH

2002 Jared Rose Nashua NH

2002 Eric Kobisky Nashua NH

2002 Jeff Nolin Somersworth NH

2002 Chris Plummer Somersworth NH

2002 Brendan Drew Hanover NH

2002 John DelGiudice Bedford NH

2002 Mike Stevens Dover NH

2002 Matt McGilvray Rochester NH

2002 Ryan Clark Exeter NH

2002 Marc Gattie Plainfield NH

2002 Mike Hactwich Bedford NH

2002 Brett Shirreffs Ehna NH

2002 Matthew Rouleau Milan NH

2002 Tyler Bickford Concord NH

2002 Steve Lambert Gonic NH

2002 Nate Gardner Manchester NH

2002 Mike Cox Brentwood NH

2002 Stephanie Grondin Berlin NH

2002 Anna Goleason Henniker NH

2002 Meghan Clement Rochester NH

2002 Rebecca Peters Dover NH

2002 Jess Tardiff Berlin NH

2002 Katie Bistrol Campton NH

2002 Rachel Barr Hanover NH

2002 Kelly Williams Canaan NH

2002 Keaton Zucker Gilford NH

2002 Chloe Norton NH

2002 Lindsay Kendrick Franklin NH

2002 Jillian Egan Gilford NH

2002 Jessica Kang Bridgewater NH

2002 Allison Malcolm Lyme NH

2002 Jacquelyn Parker Keene NH

2002 Andrea Richmond Endfield NH


2001 Eric Moses Bow NH

2001 Dan Conley Merrimack NH

2001 Kenny Burlage Dover NH

2001 Steve Sloper Concord NH

2001 Adam Newell Bedford NH

2001 Jeffrey Abood Manchester NH

2001 Jeff Stavenger Manchester NH

2001 Seth Beamer Merrimack NH

2001 Robert Langlais Hudson NH

2001 Jordan Plante Rochester NH

2001 Jules Payette Berlin NH

2001 Brett Rogers Wolfeboro NH

2001 Michael Cates Ossipee NH

2001 Brent Vega Concord NH

2001 DJ Proulx Concord NH

2001 Matt Roy Bedford NH

2001 Scott Larochelle New Boston NH

2001 Ben Cote Manchester NH

2001 Matthew Hedrick Hooksett NH

2001 Jered Condon Cornish NH

2001 Elizabeth Hampton Warner NH

2001 Jessica Kang Bridgewater NH

2001 Caitlin Rogers Concord NH

2001 Rebecca Peters Dover NH

2001 Andrea Richmond Enfield NH

2001 Beth Fairall Andover NH

2001 Jullian Egan Gilmanton NH

2001 Heather Jackson Exeter NH

2001 Rachel Barr Hanover NH

2001 Emily Colgan Lyme NH

2001 Kenton Zucker Gilbord NH

2001 Caitlin Krause Keene NH

2001 Meghan Clement Rochester NH

2001 Lindsey Glennon Exeter NH

2001 Kelly Williams Canaan NH

2001 Lacie Dorval Berlin NH

2001 Megan Tepper Chichester NH

2001 Meaghan Toland Hooksett NH

2001 Allison Malcolm Lyme NH

2001 Carolyn Wachnicki North Conway NH

2001 Brooks Gagne Highgate Center VT

2001 Jake Ryley Waitsfiels VT

2001 Cole Burnham Cornwall VT

2001 Ben Gorton Sheldon VT

2001 Jeff Carpenter Essex Junction VT

2001 Steve Currier Essex Junction VT

2001 Nick Janson Swanton VT

2001 Tim Smail Burlington VT

2001 Adam Mace Shelburne VT

2001 Ryan LaCroix Moretown VT

2001 Jason Leahy St. Albans VT

2001 Joe Galdi Essex Junction VT

2001 Derick Dirmaier South Burlington VT

2001 David Lawlor Essex Junction VT

2001 Chris Daunais Milton VT

2001 Nick Pecor Northfield VT

2001 Justin Rathbone Burlington VT

2001 Roland Kielman Hinesburg VT

2001 Ryan Esbjerg Colchester VT

2001 Josh Bernan Lyndon VT

2001 Sarah Webster Shelburne VT

2001 Tiffany LeGrand St. Albans VT

2001 Kacey Grubb Vergennes VT

2001 Kristine Dodd Franklin VT

2001 Trista Valliere Burlington VT

2001 Carlisle Doria Ripton VT

2001 Jessica Morin Colchester VT

2001 Emily Titterton Elmore VT

2001 Anne Dean Burlington VT

2001 Susan Connor Bridport VT

2001 Kate Sweeney Calais VT

2001 Kristy Hadeka Castleton VT

2001 Kate Hudspeth Burlington VT

2001 Jenna McLane Stowe VT

2001 Angela Guarino White River Jct. VT

2001 Jen Bergeron Sheldon VT

2001 Emily Cabral Colchester VT

2001 Sarah Butsch Berlin VT

2001 Jennifer Kirchoff Lyndonville VT

2001 Carrie Schrayer Waterbury Center VT

2001 Amber Waery Stowe VT

2001 Kylie Ammel White River Jct. VT


2000 Bob Wannop Woodstock VT

2000 Shaun Brooks St. Albans Bay VT

2000 Brian LeTourneau Burlington VT

2000 Nick Towne Milton VT

2000 Brian McVey Essex VT

2000 Marc Russell Essex Junction VT

2000 Christopher Stone Stowe VT

2000 Michael Wentz Stowe VT

2000 Kris Demasi Randolph VT

2000 Matt Miles Northfield VT

2000 Gregg Bahnson Milton VT

2000 Steve Geiges Woodstock VT

2000 Luke Smail Burlington VT

2000 Jake Obar White River Junction VT

2000 Ty Pratt Colchester VT

2000 Dan Leonard Woodstock VT

2000 Jaiso Longway Essex Junction VT

2000 Evan Hurley Rutland VT

2000 Seth Hungerford St. Albans VT

2000 Eric Libardoni Brattleboro VT

2000 Jennifer Gannon East Montpelier VT

2000 Molly Turco Norwhich VT

2000 Lindsey Leilson Stowe VT

2000 Kristin Hadeka Castleton VT

2000 Jennifer Kirchoff Lyndonville VT

2000 Erin Lawson Lyndonville VT

2000 Smantha Louras Rutland VT

2000 Becky Daley Rutland VT

2000 Audra Preston Colchester VT

2000 Lydia Groskin Stowe VT

2000 Caitlin Andrew South Burlington VT

2000 Kacey Grubb Vergennes VT

2000 Angela Gurino White River Jct. VT

2000 Tiffany LeGrand St. Albans VT

2000 Jen Bergeron Sheldon VT

2000 Christina Dotchin Essex VT

2000 Sara Pryme St. Albans VT

2000 Bonnie Hudspeth Burlington VT

2000 Jessica Audette White River Jct. VT

2000 Jenna Flateman Barre VT

2000 Heather Heckman-McKenna Salem NH

2000 Brittany Carr Conway NH

2000 Katie Gannon Manchester NH

2000 Amy Merro Keene NH

2000 Andrea Richmond Endfield NH

2000 Kendra Snow Conway NH

2000 Kara Lisavich Salem NH

2000 Beth Fairall Andover NH

2000 Rachelle Beaudoin Berlin NH

2000 Jocelyn Singer-Sargent Lyme NH

2000 Keaton Clauss Zucker Gilford NH

2000 Caitlin Lrause Keene NH

2000 Natasha Clauson Hanover NH

2000 Nicole Dallas Marlow NH

2000 Caitlin Rogers Concord NH

2000 Ryan Mahler Hanover NH

2000 Megan Tepper Chichester NH

2000 Meghan Toland Hooksett NH

2000 Allison Macolm Lyme NH

2000 Susan Hargrove Portsmouth NH


1999 Heather Heckman-MeKenna Salem/Northfield Mount Hermon

1999 Lisa Benz Stowe Youth Hockey

1999 Molly Turco Norwich VT/Phillips Academy (Andover)

1999 Keaton Clauss Zucker Gilford

1999 Jennifer Pelkey Tilton School

1999 Lindsey Neilson Stowe VT /Phillips Exeter

1999 Kelsey McPherson Tilton School

1999 Naomi Drown Lyndonville Youth Hockey

1999 Caitlin Krause Phillips Academy

1999 Jenn Butsch U-32 High School

1999 Nicki Paquette New Hampton

1999 Kiersten von Trapp Stowe Youth Hockey

1999 Andrea Richmond Northfield Mount Hermon

1999 Erin Lawson St. Johnsbury Academy

1999 Becky Daley Rutland High School

1999 Katie Woodward Cushing Academy

1999 Lindsay Peet Stowe Youth Hockey

1999 Mary Marren New Hampton

1999 Lydia Groskin Stowe Youth Hockey

1999 Megan Tepper Chichester

1999 Caitlin Andrew Essex Youth Hockey

1999 Lindsay Ladd Keene/ Assabet Valley

1999 Samantha Louras Mount St. Joseph High School

1999 Kristena Jones E. Sullivan/KYHA

1999 Shawn Clavelle Hartford High School

1999 Brittany Benedict Tilton School

1999 Ashlee Murdough Essex Youth Hockey

1999 Karen Malone Keene/KYHA

1999 Anne Geratowski Hartford High School

1999 Heather Olney St. Paul’s School

1999 Kathy LaPlume Milton/Burlington Youth Hockey

1999 Heather Fifield Hartford High School

1999 Holly Manning Northfield High School

1999 Kristen Lyons Hartford High School

1999 Sarah Cabral Colchester High School

1999 Todd Allison Manchester West

1999 Jeremy Gangl Essex

1999 Ryan Trepanier St. Thomas Aquinas

1999 Jeromy Chamberlin Northfield

1999 Nate Raimo Bishop Brady

1999 Keith Lebel Mill River

1999 Jason Carrier Berlin

1999 Andy Holland Woodstock

1999 Nate Isabelle Lebanon

1999 Lou DiMasi Burlington

1999 Justin Rancourt Berlin

1999 Erik DesLauriers Bellows Free Academy

1999 Aaron Boissy Concord

1999 Morgan Butler Middlebury

1999 Randy Gagnon Nashua

1999 Dave Lawrence Spaulding

1999 Mike Johnson Bishop Guertin

1999 Nick Olmstead Bellows Free Academy

1999 Ben Bickford St. Thomas Aquinas

1999 Niall Keleher Rice

1999 Andy Michaud Somersworth

1999 Ryan St. Cyr Bellows Free Academy

1999 A. J. Fradette Trinity

1999 Nate Lavery Champlain Valley Union

1999 Ron Dupuis Berlin

1999 Peter Galdi Essex

1999 Bill Sailer Lebanon

1999 Leighton Johnson Burlington

1999 Brett Goodell Spaulding

1999 Levi Doria Middlebury

1999 Gavin Faretra Bishop Brady

1999 Chaney Noyes South Burlington

1999 Jeff Kuhn Trinity

1999 Marty Paeplow Bellows Free Academy

1999 Matt Anctil Kingswood

1999 Lyle Gerety Hartford

1999 Matt Joseph Manchester West

1999 Adam Raftery South Burlington

1999 Shaughnessey Douglas Dover

1999 Mike Bertlesen Champlain Valley Union


1998 J.B. Smith Rutland VT

1998 Tommy Waltz St. Albans VT

1998 Tom Mariano Northfield VT

1998 Dan O’Neil Essex Junction VT

1998 Jason Couture South Burlington VT

1998 Chris Wood Northfield VT

1998 Jon Webb St. Albans VT

1998 Mark Bilodeau Colchester VT

1998 Nathan Towne Milton VT

1998 Corey Thygesen

1998 Alan Reardon Barre VT

1998 Ben LeTourneau Burlington VT

1998 Kevin Strachan

1998 John Flint Stowe VT

1998 Joe Allen Swanton VT

1998 Tony Emilo Weybridge VT

1998 J.P. Bean Northfield VT

1998 Aaron Whittemore St. Albans VT

1998 Ryan McGrath White River Jct. VT

1998 Matthew Desautels Burlington VT

1998 Tim Gray Concord NH

1998 Brian Windhol Westford MA

1998 Jeffrey Gitschier Dover NH

1998 Ryan Pudloski Exeter NH

1998 Christian Quint Durham NH

1998 Stephen McIsaac Hampton NH

1998 Brian Royce Barrington NH

1998 Mike Harrick Concord NH

1998 Joe Prouix Manchester NH

1998 Ryan Frew Concord NH

1998 Nick Domenici Concord NH

1998 Ryan Prouix Concord NH

1998 Bobby Sloper Concord NH

1998 Nick Nugent Hudson NH

1998 Aaron Keller Concord NH

1998 Mike Ziolkowski Nashua NH

1998 Mike Cesere Concord NH

1998 Kyle Fruetel Nashua NH

1998 Peter Ducharme Nashua NH

1998 Jared Birmingham Concord NH


1995 Louis Weimann  Rice

1995 Andrew Puttick Missisquoi Valley Union

1995 Jason Mone Essex Junction

1995 Nick Bell South Burlington

1995 Josh Lanfear Bellows Free Academy

1995 Sean Langan South Burlington

1995 Jay Zanleoni Spaulding

1995 Travis Fraties Missisquoi Valley Union

1995 Issac Gilbert Bellows Free Academy

1995 Chad Burke Spaulding

1995 Todd Bassler Brattleboro

1995 Jason Spaulding Missiquoi Valley Union

1995 Bryan Goodchild Rutland

1995 Chad Laprade Spaulding

1995 Ryan Laprade Spaulding

1995 Eric Rothier Missisquoi Valley Union

1995 Neal Poitras Memorial High School

1995 Andrew Gault Oyster River

1995 Josh Belisle Exeter High School

1995 Sam Gilbert Exeter High School

1995 Sean Clauson Hanover High School

1995 Rick Proulx Memorial High School

1995 Matt Gfroerer Concord High School

1995 Pete Jerrell Hanover High School

1995 Tim Puis Keene High School

1995 Joe Nicholas Keene High School

1995 Ryan Martin Lebanon High School

1995 Brent Boucher Central High School

1995 Clint Edinger Bishop Brady

1995 Mike Maguire Bishop Guertin H.S.

1995 Tim Walsh Concord High School

1995 Kevin Moglia Lebanon

1995 Brandon Baril Manchester Central H.S.

1995 Matt Vassillion Concord High School